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All in one cure for all disease

all in one solution in homeopathy

Ayurveda is a great contribution to the world from Indian sages. Homeopathy is branch of Ayurveda and this too is great contribution to world from Indian sages. Homeopathy has its origin in India.

When German invaders came to India, they looted treasury here, but one of the great loot was of our scriptures. They had taken away so many scripture from India. Among those one was HOMEOPATHY. Our all scriptures were in sanskrit and to read those they had to learn sanskrit. They studied sanskrit and the project of Homeopathy was assigned to Hahneman, the so called father of homeopathy now a days. Today also there are many institution in Germany with main subject as sanskrit.

That's why many homeopathic medicines are named as sanskrit name. Sanskrit word for 'fruit' is 'Falam', for flower is 'Pushpam', for milk is 'Dugdham'....and so on. Every word ends with a sound of 'ʌm'.

Now see some of homeopathy medicines name :

Acidum Nitricum, Acidum Floricum, Acidum Phosphoricum... etc


Homeopathy solution


Homeopathic medicines are made with alcohol as base material. There are mainly three types of medicines in homeopathy Dilution, Mother tincture and Bio-chemic. But now a days many tonics, syrup, drops, lotion, gel...etc are being manufactured. 

Now we will concentrate on bio-chemic medicine. There are only 12 medicines in this category and for any disease out of these 12 medicines will be given. 

These medicines are made up on the basis of 12 types of salts which are present in our body. Due to deficiency of one or more salt, any type of disease is caused. After fulfilling the deficiency, disease is cured. People born in certain month have certain type of salt deficiency. So out of 12 months there are 12 types of salt deficiency. The table below shows date of birth and medicine to cure salt deficiency. By curing salt deficiency all types of disease, either known or unknown, present in our body can be cured.


If your date of birth is between

Your Medicine is

19 January - 18 February

 Natrum Mure

19 February - 21 March

Ferrum Phos

22 March - 18 April

Kali Phos

19 April - 19 May

Natrum Sulph

20 May - 21 June

Kali Mur

22 June - 22 July

Calcarea Flor

23 July - 22 August

Magnesia Phos

23 August - 22 September

Kali Sulph

23 September - 22 October

Vettom Phos

23 October - 22 November

Calcarea Sulph

23 November - 21 December


22 December - 18 January

Calcarea Phos




 Trillions of people all over the world have been benefited from this technique. If you are suffering from any disease, you have got tired of visiting doctors, you are not getting satisfactory result then you can start taking above medicine as per your date of birth. 



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